Comfort begins where necessity ends.

Offering innovation to the yachting industry to improve the level of comfort through easy-management of our onboard system.

Yachtica products are the result of more than 15 years of constant research and development of technologically advanced systems specifically designed for the marine environment. Over a decade, the brand has developed a prestigious reputation in knowledge and competence in sales in addition to production of a product unique and specifically designed for marine application.

The guiding principles are constant innovation and adaptability to change. All these factors have enabled the company to successfully anticipate new market trends and offer new cutting-edge solutions.

Technology and simplicity are the key concepts of Yachtica's product, combined with the reliability of industrial production and highly qualified assistance, they have developed the steady growth of the company and undisputed international recognition of Yachtica brand products. Yachtica is a company with a young culture which is open and professional and always ready to welcome new challenges.

"Only a man appeased by the pleasures of the earth can fully appreciate the most extraordinary and technological way to explore the sea..."
A. Giannecchini