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RGB804L - the last RGBW Led
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RGB804L - the last RGBW Led Control achievement

An innovative product, the RGB 804L electronic module for the advanced control and management of lighting sources technology of LED both White and RGBW, was born from the synergy between Yachtica and Altraluce. Yachtica is a leading company in the field of “Automated Living on Board” (Home Automation applied to Yachts) and Altraluce is a forefront company in providing lighting solutions for yachts.
The new module will be launched in a world preview at the next edition of Seatec 2009 in the Yachtica and Altraluce booth.
This product is a real technological leap and has been developed to manage all the advanced mode LED sources (White and RGBW) currently in use on the market, in both residential and nautical environments. With this product we are anticipating the new development trend for this innovative lighting technology which sector professionals agree is the future and direction to follow in terms of lighting solutions.
Light designers, nautical architects and designers, technical staff and owners all recognize the fact that huge leaps forward have been taken with LEDs technology which is quickly passing from restricted applications to ideal solutions for lighting leading to the enhancement of interior and exterior environments of the latest generation of boats.
Yachtica has interpreted this increasing demand and, in collaboration with Altraluce, a leading company in the production of LED illumination for the nautical field, has given green light to the development of the innovative RGB 804 L. This innovative product, thanks to its characteristics, represents an absolute novelty in the field of the management and control of all the types of LED illuminating bodies.
The RGB 804 L is an electronic module endowed with marinized electronic and with exits feeding from 12V to 48V and it can operate in both stand-alone and ona network by means of the EasyBus (BUS owner Yachtica) allowing the management and control of all the LED illumination types (RGB, RGBW, traditional White, LED White and RGBW strips, High Power Led, etc.)
This module allows to set a sophisticated dimming function on its 4 channels, each channel may be set separately or alternatively scenerios and specific programs involving channels simultaneously may be set (for both negative and positive commune LEDs). The activation and manegement of different white hues may also be set (from colder to warmer hues of white) as well as applying the dimming function singularily to each of the RGB+W colors. The RGB 804 L also has different Dip Switchs for differing settings (output power, LED type, etc.), 8 clean contact inputs and extractable terminals.
The quality of management and control provided by this product has an exceptional result: the complete satisfaction of lighting needs on board ranging from the dimming of the various colors (RGBW) to the choice of the preferred colors, from customizable adjustment of nuances to scenic effects obtained by combining different colors. This also comprises the possibility of pre-programming a succession of different colors and tonality as well as the setting of a diversified range of whites, from the evanescence to the automatically and pre-programmed fading, to an impressive number of possibilities.
The RGB 804 L module is characterized by flexibility and performance which, united with the other modules of the Yachtica range, allow to create a complete system for the management and control of the comfort and of all types of lighting fixtures on board. All functions may also be managed using user-friendly interfaces on touch –screens or very usefully using the management software developed for I-Phones.