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General Description

The Yachtica's production includes: system control and management of on board comfort. The system can be interfaced with any entertainment and/or technical monitoring system; a wide range of standard marine and manually programmed dimmer modules; a series of accessories and adapters; wireless modules; high-tech marine keyboards; marine drivers for LED; marine electronic and toroidal transformers.
All Yachtica products are the complete answer to the lighting and comfort needs on board: from the switchboard to the light spot.

Why to choose Yachtica

for yachts

From the initial design to the tropicalization, all Yachtica's products are designed to be installed and used on board of yachts of all sizes.


Yachtica's products are manufactured using automated production processes which observing the strict normative Community.

Any luminous

Due to the latest technology Yachtica offers solutions for the control and management of all light sources.

Simple installation and integration

All Yachtica's products can be easily installed in electrical systems on board and integrated in the various entertainment, monitoring and control systems.

Full marine range

Yachtica offers a complete solution for any type of lighting control and management on board: programmable control system, dimmers, hight-tech marine keyboards, marine drivers for LEDs, marine electronic transformers.


Yachtica offers a global service network and our team is able to provide you with remote technical assistance. We guarantee and are able to accomodate every installation requirements.