ICB 101X

The ICB 101X is a module used to connect the Yachtica® system BUS EasyBUS to other devices/computer through their serial port. The module can be used to program Yachtica®’s modules connected to the BUS, with custom functionalities through the Yachtica® software Cabot. The module is also used as communication interface between monitoring and/or entertainment systems and Yachtica®: the protocol optimizes transmission of control commands coming from different touch screen remotes.

RS-232 Communication Interface

  • RS-232 serial interface
  • Optoisolated RS-232 port
  • EasyBUS communication
  • DIN rail installation (6M)
  • Detachable terminal blocks
  • Formal coating treatment

Electronic power supply  11-28VDC
Maximum electronic requirements  0,8W (32mA @24VDC, 64mA @12VDC)
Link RS-232
Dimensions (W x H x D) 106x58x90mm (6M)