Cabot is the software tool to program the Yachtica® system. Through Cabot it is possible to program every device of the EasyBUS system and to check all the functions and commands. There are several functions to program the integrated control of the lighting system, TV lifts, blinds and curtains and other automated movements. It is possible to set the light intensity, to create timing functions within scenarios, or to program sequences of switching on, switching off and automated movements with pre-arranged delays among the various actions. The Cabot software allows the user to program the Yachtica® system with great advantages in terms of easyness, off line checks and a significantly reduction of working time.

Programming and Supervision Software 

  • Predefined programming functions.
  • Pull down menus for fast choices.
  • Upload and download capability.
  • Unique session of programming for all the network modules.
  • Runtime supervision.
  • Available for all the Windows platforms.
  • Module replacement procedure.