The RGB 804LX module is equipped with an integrated programmable microcontroller used to control and dimm 4 different 12/24VDC lighting sources. The module is rated to work with voltage driven monochromatic RGB, RGB-White or Double White LEDs (with or without driver added) or with PWM signal (if 3-wire driver provided). It can also be used to control incandescent and halogen lamps, at 12/24VDC. Each channel handles up to 8A loads.

Lighting Management Module LED RGBW

  • 4 programmable dimmer outputs12/24VDC (PWM 400Hz)
  • Composite whites and colours smart management
  • 8 programmable dry contact inputs
  • EasyBUS communication
  • Stand-alone mode
  • Programmable functionality via Cabot
  • Advanced managing of overload and short circuit
  • Optoisolation between electronic and power
  • Control and monitoring display on the front panel
  • Dipswitches to set standard programming
  • DIN rail installation (6 M)
  • Detachable terminal blocks
  • Tropicalized electronic

In addition to a standard programming that allows using it in stand-alone mode, connecting push-buttons or sensors to the 8 dry contact inputs, it is possible to customize the programming using the Yachtica® software Cabot. It is possible to select favourite colours and different white temperatures, manage the dimming keeping the colour point (or white temperature tonality), create colour sequences. The module can communicate with other EasyBUS products by the system BUS. A useful display on the front panel, with some buttons, allows setting some parameters and the outputs monitoring and control. The recall of the programmed functions can be done by push-buttons, smartphone/tablet or touch screen.

Electronic power supply 11-28VDC
Maximum electronic requirements 0,6W (25mA @24VDC, 50mA @12VDC)
Outputs power supply 12/24VDC
Load ratings 8A each, PWM 400Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D) 106x58x90mm (6 M)