SPD 400X

The SPD 400X module is equipped with an integrated microcontroller for management of 4 dry contact inputs. The module can be located inside a standard box or behind a bulkhead. The module is suitable for wiring of 4 dry contact inputs from command button lighting, TV lifts, curtains and other devices connected to the EasyBUS system.

4 I Push Buttons Interface

  • 4 programmable dry contact inputs
  • EasyBUS communication
  • Programmable functionality via Cabot
  • Detachable terminal blocks
  • Formal coating treatment

In addition to a standard programming that allows using it in stand-alone mode, connecting push-buttons or sensors to the 4 dry contact inputs, it is possible to customize the programming using the Yachtica® software Cabot. The module can communicate with other EasyBUS products by the system BUS. The recall of the programmed functions can be done by push-buttons, smartphone/tablet or touch screen.

Electronic power supply 11-28VDC
Maximum electronic requirements  0,4W (16mA @24VDC, 32mA @12VDC)
Dimensions (W x H x D)  50x44x15mm​