H/Plate® is the perfect companion to the EasyBUS system. Designed for guarantee the maximum appeal to the end user, they are available with single and double buttons, neutral or with icons, singularly removable even after the complete installation. This delivers total flexibility to the final costumer up to the very last phases of the system handover or even later during refit. The careful shape, electronic and design study allows to reduced size and total adaptability with a vertical and horizontal installation. The H/Plate®’s are mounted on Yachtica®’s 502 and 503 frames with magnets allowing an easy access to the wiring and maintenance. The Formal Coating treatment on electronics provide high reliability in marine environment.

Using the simple BUS wiring, the H/Plate® is addressable as any other module of the EasyBUS system and can be programmed by Yachtica®’s Cabot software.

The H/Plate® dry contacts series has been designed for all smart lighting control systems. On every button there are selectable blue backlighted feedback LEDs. The sockets are available both in 503 and 504 standard.

Colors and Finishes:

Standard colours
Matt black, anodized silver, brushed bronze.

Finished surfaces
With perimetral line, without perimetral line.

502, 503.

  • Ultra-thin profiles and compact size
  • Finishing in aluminium
  • Programmable backlighted keys
  • EasyBUS Communication
  • Programming through Cabot software
  • Yachtica® magnetic wall frame, standard 502-503
  • Detachable terminal blocks
  • Power supply 11-28VDC
  • Maximum input absorption 40mA
  • Formal coating treatment

Available in different layout and standard, up to 4 keys (502) and up to 8 keys (503), the H/Plate® are characterized by the extreme simplicity of installation.

The Plug&Play connectors make the wiring easy with Yachtica® EasyBUS system whereas the dry contacts version allows to operate with any other lighting control system. The magnetic mounting to the wall frame reduces working hours. Available in different standards (502, 503, H/Plate® Socket also 504).

It is possible to select the operating mode of LEDs status on keys and/or programming the backlighting and the functioning of the H/Plate® itself thanks to the integrated electronics and the BUS connection.

Power supply for LED 11-28VDC
Keypad dimensions up to 4 buttons (WxHxD) 80x80 mm
Keypad dimensions up to 8 buttons (WxHxD) 120x80x6 mm
Button dimensions square 12,6x12,6 mm
Button dimensions rectangular 29,1x12,6 mm