It's possible to customize your HPlate keybords:

  • Customizing labels in colors and finishes polished/matt
  • Custom icons on the keys
  • Inserts logos/names on the label site
  • Special colors finishes for the metallic frame

Backlight buttons

Feedback backlight can be setted manually or via software.


Buttons Typology

Rectangular or square shape buttons, available in 3 finishes.


Custom buttons

Some samples of combinations and multiple types of backlit buttons with different icons for a simple and complete customization. Writings and icons are laser engraved.


Keypad configuration

The plates are available with a wide choice of layout, up to a maximum of 8 buttons. The modularity of the system allows to adapt several configurations on a same plate.

Standars colours

Matt black (A), anodized silver (B), brushed bronze (C).


Finished surfaces

With perimetral line (A), without perimetral line (B).



502 (A), 503 (B).


Available in different layout and standard, up to 4 keys (502) and up to 8 keys (503), the H/Plate® are characterized by the extreme simplicity of installation.

The Plug&Play connectors make the wiring easy with Yachtica® EasyBUS system whereas the dry contacts version allows to operate with any other lighting control system. The magnetic mounting to the wall frame reduces working hours. Available in different standards (502, 503, H/Plate® Socket also 504).

It is possible to select the operating mode of LEDs status on keys and/or programming the backlighting and the functioning of the H/Plate® itself thanks to the integrated electronics and the BUS connection.

Power supply for LED 11-28VDC
Keypad dimensions up to 4 buttons (WxHxD) 80x80 mm
Keypad dimensions up to 8 buttons (WxHxD) 120x80x6 mm
Button dimensions square 12,6x12,6 mm
Button dimensions rectangular 29,1x12,6 mm