Our technology dedicated to those who loves the ocean


In order to complete the electronic range, Yachtica produces and markets the following marine keyboards, where the latest technology merges with the design. Modern architecture is marked by transparency and clarity, Yachtica’s plates matches this in every way, with its clear form, blends perfectly into any modern surroundings.


Thanks to their attractive design with small size, and high technology the new marine Yachtica keyboards are completely customizable in colors and icons. They are available from 1 to 6 keys with blue LED status. Compatible with all electric systems.


Elegant and minimalist in design, made in robust and quality materials, the new H/Plate® offers high technology and features for an intuitive control of lighting on board. Available in different finishing, they offer to the user the possibility to choose between different layouts that best match the owner needs. It is possible to customize the H/Plate®, both during the construction of the yacht and later during a refit, through the simple replacement of the keys, available in different customizing kits.


The series EasyTouch made in glass are the result of exclusive collaboration with Ave S.p.a . They are equipped with an advanced technology and a sophisticated aesthetic features with specific nautical technical measures for the application on board