The DIM KPN module is equipped with an integrated microcontroller used to control and dimm 110/230VAC lighting sources, using 4 power outputs: each channel handles up to 2,5A loads (5A in on/off mode). The module is rated to work with 110/230VAC incandescent and halogen lights, or low tension lamps powered by a standard or electronic transformer.

Marine Dimmer Module 110/230 VAC

  • 4 dimmer outputs with memory 110/230VAC
  • Pre-set scenarios
  • 8 dry contact inputs
  • Electronic protection against overload and short circuit
  • Monitoring LEDs and control buttons on the front panel
  • DIN rail installation (9M)
  • Detachable terminal blocks
  • Conformal coating treatment

The module has 8 inputs that can be connected to any kind of dry contact, pushbuttons and sensors. The inputs can be used to control each line individually and to activate the preprogrammed scenarios: all on, all off, all 60%, all 20%. The setting of on board dipswtiches allows to link up to 4 outputs, to reach a maximum load of 10A.


Feedback (DIM KPN-F)

The DIM KPN-F module has 4 optoisolated outputs, which are used to keep track of the logical state (on/off) of the dimmable power outputs. The optoisolated outputs can be wired to both positive and negative switching digital input modules to suit any installation requirements.

Electronic power supply 20-28VDC
Maximum electronic requirements 2W (85mA @24VDC)
Power supply for dimmer outputs 110/230VAC
Output power supply 2,5A each
Feedback outputs (DIM KPN-F) Max. voltage 48VDC/24VAC, 12mA
Dimensions (W x H x D) 159x58x90mm (9 M)

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