• Custom finishes & colors
  • High-tech
  • SOFTOUCH® custom buttons
  • Feedback RGB LED on keys


Layout and push
buttons customize

Custom finishes & colors

Total customization of the colors with finishes polished and matt.

Socket plates

For a full coordination between plates and sockets a specific range is supplied. Furnished with a complete set of components and accessories.

How it works

new custom plate

Technical data

Power supply for LED


Keypad dimension up to 4 buttons (WxHxD)

80x80x6 mm

Keypad dimension up to 6 buttons (WxHxD)

120x80x6 mm

502 socket dimension (WxHxD)

80x80x5 mm

503 socket dimension (WxHxD)

120x80x5 mm

504 socket dimension (WxHxD)

143x80x5 mm