19 June 2006

Mini System – great performance for small yachts

The need for integration on board is becoming more and more wide-spread and now includes yachts from 10 to 20 metres in length. Yachtica has found a solution suitable for this new market by developing a system for small yachts which require high technological performance.Yachtica’s Mini system is everything but “mini”. It provides high performance, ease of instalment, as well as space saving. The system is available with one or two displays, which can be managed through touch screens or trackballs, from which you can keep track of the chief parameters of the main engines, generators, shore line and batteries, fuel levels, fresh, grey and black waters, as well as further auxiliary systems.The core system is based on a single group of tiny PC-PLC’s, which can be mounted on a DIN rail, and linked to different on board sensors. The devices can be monitored, controlled and automated through the system. This data is sent to the displays in real time enabling you to view the status of the systems and start the generators, as well as checking the pumps are running, recording what is happening on board, and ensuring accurate alarms management.The owner of a 40-50’ yacht, not happy with traditional systems, can now enjoy total and simple control of the boat. Through its Mini System, Yachtica is now able to meet and satisfy all the different requirements of the “boating” world.

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1 May 2013

DIM22P – The New Marine 2 Channel Dimmer 1224 VDC

The new module DIM22P has born as a response to the small yachts needs to be able to use a 2 channel dimmer both for dimming and control of any light source. It has to power Output channels each handles 6A loads. It rapresents the optimal response to the...

21 November 2016

Yachtica®: Great results at METS 2016

Big results and great feedback obtained at the last METS, where Yachtica® exhibits at the S.Y.P. The booth, it’s been crowded all time during the three days trade show, allowing the developes new partnership and make stronger the existing collaboration. At the show, different upgrade to the EasyBUS System...

2 February 2009

Seatec 2009 – LED Control Innovation

Marina di Carrara, February 2008 – Yachtica, has consolidated the leadership in the Home automation applied to yacht, called “Automated living on Board” and it’s pleased to introduces at the Seatec 2009 an important collaboration and a new electronic module for the control of the new RGBW Leds Technologies...