12 September 2008

Genoa, 4-12 October 2008 – 48° International Boat Show


Notwithstanding the general crisis which is hitting the marketplace, the increase of demand of automation solutions has been the main characteristic at the last Genoa International Boat Show which took place from the 4th to the 12th October 2008.

This data of increase in attention towards the automation of the comfort in vessel interiors has been confirmed by the increasing demand coming from technicians and shipyard managers.
While in the construction of new vessels the use of automation solutions is becoming a standard process, it has been found that this demand is also on the increase on refits in a considerable manner.
Yachtica, foreseeing an increase of demand for these solutions in refits, had already presented onto the market two products studied to provide the benefits of lighting management with the least possible interference: the DXM, a programmable marinized dimmer which allows the programming of scenarios by the final user without the aid of any other additional device and the wireless system, which eliminates the need for wiring on board.
By adding these products, it is possible, even if the refit undertaken is not radical, to provide an advantageous automation solution. Both these products have already received great acclaim from the players of the market, providing further confirmation of the consolidated specialization and reliability of Yachtica in the field.
Other products of the Yachtica production line which have been particularly appreciated are those related to the management of the new LED lightings (also in RGB mode) which have received acclaim for theri quality and flexibility.
It should be emphasized that there still is widespread misinformation regarding the management possibilities of LED lightings. This leads operators in the nautical field to provide minimal solutions which do not provide the complete technologically advanced management which is available. Yachtica products for LED lighting management provide this.
Yachtica management solutions for LED lighting focus on both the dimming and RGB modes, allowing the end-user the possibility of managing the LED lightings creating choreographic effects of great emotional impact.

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