30 October 2009

The exclusive new protocol realised to suit with the Benetti BEST (Benetti Exclusive Sea Technology) central system.

Yachtica efforts to integrate its products with other major integrated systems installed on board continue …
Recently the company has developed a new protocol for the compatibility with the BEST system, (Benetti Exclusive Sea Technology). This system handles all the functionalities for yacht automation, entertainment, voice and data communications, video surveillance, as well as the integration with the navigation and sensor systems.
Thanks to the invaluable help of Nextworks, Yachtica has purposely developed a new communication protocol that allows the two systems (Yachtica and BEST) to communicate. The result is a truly unified system where Yachtica provide a perfect lighting and comfort control on board through the supervision of the sophisticated BEST system.
This represents a further step towards the company aim to achieve a full compatibility of Yachtica system with all monitoring and controlling entertainment systems in the marine world.
To date Yatchica have already developed several protocols including: AMX, Blutech, Creston, Digitart, Marine Automation, Navel, Naviop, Onyx, SeaEnergy, and others.

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1 June 2013

New Partnership in U.S.A – RKO Marine

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10 September 2008

lands in South America

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1 February 2016

New DRM 824PN (-F): Room light solution

Finally the room solution light for a single cabin and its bath: 2 dimmer outputs + 4 relays, in only 6 DIN rail. An example is: Dimmer outputs: cabin celing and bath ceiling; On/Off outputs: under bed, reading and mirror. By the 8 inputs it will be possible to...