1 February 2010

Saetec 2010_ New synergies that create value

Yachtica and Ave are two key players in the electronics industry. A strong R&D-led leadership underpins Yachtica and Ave’s products, wich able to meet all the highest standards demanded by the luxury segment of the nautical market.
The “Easy Series” (the first range of marine keyboards”) draw in the leading experience earned by both companies in the residential and the nautical segment. The new keyboards “EasyTouch” and “EasyLife” blend the best of the Made in Italy design with a strong technological leadership. More importantly, these new keyboards have undergone several laboratory tests and been exclusively developed for on-board usage.
As a result, the “Easy Series” is the only range of keyboards available in the nautical market segment that marry sophisticated aesthetic features with specific nautical technical measures, such as: small footprint for installation at the bulkhead ands surface treatments to protect against salty fog. Furthermore, the keyboards can be installed on different on-board materials.
The “Easy Touch” range, includes models with tempered glass plates from one to seven push-bottons, combined with sliding covers made of the same material. The front plates are available in different colours: white, frosted silver grey, black, frosted water green and clear Pompeian red.
The combination of accessories adds to the sense of uniqueness offered by this range of keyboards. If requested, we are also able to tailor the product to specific needs and customize symbols and exclusive details on the switch, (such as names of boats or yards).

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28 July 2017

New German Partner for Yachtica

A new partnership between German Company MYS-Megayacht Service and Yachtica has been signed.MYS- Megayacht Service provide from projecting to delivery all Electric & Electronic questions for Mega Super Yacht assuring a worldwide service. From Generators, Alternators and Main Panel, also all types of Surveys MYS offer Loadtest, Meggertest, Thermographic...

21 November 2016

Yachtica®: Great results at METS 2016

Big results and great feedback obtained at the last METS, where Yachtica® exhibits at the S.Y.P. The booth, it’s been crowded all time during the three days trade show, allowing the developes new partnership and make stronger the existing collaboration. At the show, different upgrade to the EasyBUS System...

11 May 2019


In conjunction with the Versilia Yachting Rendez-Vous fair, Yachtica opened its doors to the first edition of “Blue Night Waves” with the participation of the renowned DJ Fiorentino Matteo Zarcone. The event saw the participation of the prestigious K-array company, leader in the production of speakers, aesthetically-refined and quality loudspeakers...