5 August 2011

The first yacht completely RGB-White

Yachtica once again is a player of an important and strongly technological project becoming supplier partner for the Lighting Automation System on board the newest Benetti Delfino 02 “‘Mary Rose’ a 28.5 mtr with external lines from Stefano Righini while Carlo Galeazzi signed the interior.

The partnership gives the green light to a total innovative project that uses the newest technology of RGB-W Leds, Leds lights which integrate white and RGB channels in a single source, in which the Viareggio based yard is pointing His attention.

A high end system that allows to explore the infinite shades of white and colors that highlight shapes, volumes and materials.

The RGB 804L is an electronic module endowed with tropicalized electronic it can operate in both stand-alone and/or integrated via BUS and allows the management and control of all the LED illumination types (RGB, RGBW, traditional White, MULTIWHITE, White and RGBW strips, High Power Led, etc.)

With this modules it’s possible to set a sophisticated dimming function on its 4 channels, both with single activation and/or scenarios and specific programs involving all 4 channels simultaneously. The activation and management of different white hues from colder to warmer as well as applying the dimming function singularily to each of the RGB+W colors create scenic effects obtained by combining different colors. This also comprises the possibility of pre-programming a succession of different colors and tonality as well as the setting of a diversified range of whites (MULTIWHITE), from the evanescence to the automatically and pre-programmed fading, to an impressive number of possibilities

The synergy of companies envolved in this innovative project comprise als compagnie as Altraluce which has created innovative LED lights which integrate white and RGB channels in a single fixture and Nextworks has developed the BEST system, the integrated control of all on board devices.

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26 June 2009

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28 July 2017

New German Partner for Yachtica

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24 May 2017

DIM 22PN: New Feature available

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