4 February 2008

New Deal

Yachtica continue it’s evolution not only in research and development of products and accessories, but also in the continuous improvement of the “Company Mission”. Yachtica is the first company in the world to have applied the principles of Home Automation to the nautical industry, today Yachtica, is more and more focused in the production and the marketing of electronic components for the automation on-board devices related with comfort, aspect that emphasizes the uniqueness in the international nautical industryThe home automation solutions, more and more requested and next to become a standard, were often executed with generic products, coming from the Building and the Home automation adapted for the nautical environment.
Yachtica thanks to it’s industrial production, the dedicated projecting and the worldwide marketing, from pioneer in the yachting industry which it was has become the reference company and opinion leader of the market. For this reason Yachtica has felt the necessity to characterize better the pay-off of the logo, abandon the old and more generic “Integrated System for Yacht Automation” with the new “Automated Living on Board” that specify better the mission of the Italian company. Indeed the term “Domotica” or Home Automation coming from the residential industry, seems to be not properly correct to indicate the management and the integrated control of all the devices related with comfort onboard yachts. So from now the neologism “Automated Living on Board”, will explain precisely the automation of the environment on board.
Yachtica products and the accessories are currently installed and distributed by numerous companies engaged in Yacht Automation, monitoring and electrical systems, integrating these products in their systems to reach a perfect control and management of the comfort devices in the living areas.
Furthermore Yachtica has just made the opening of the new headquarter, situated in the industrial area to outdoors of Viareggio together with the launch of the new web-sites, that show in a precise way the new industrial mission.

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18 November 2015

HPlate® Keyboards

Yachtica had just launched a new wall plates keypad that present a high end technology solutions and a high design. The H/Plate, that’s the name, has different push buttons layouts, with square and rectangular buttons, with a maximum 8 push buttons each. Aluminium core and magnetic fixing. H/Plate offers...

2 September 2020


During 2020, Yachtica obtained the RINA Type Approval certification of its main product by adding another piece of quality to its production range. A further confirmation of the attention that the company has been placing for over twenty years on its  quality standard in production.

5 May 2008

Seatec 2008 Autometed Living On Board achieve resounding success

Marina di Carrara, February 2008 – Yachtica, has consolidated the leadership in the Home automation applied to yacht, called “Automated living on Board” at the Seatec 2008, introducing the new DXM Series and the Cabot Software with supervision utility, plus the all range of products to the international industry....