26 June 2009

The new electronic module SPD 800 and the Software Cabot restyling

Yachtica has recently presented the new RGB804L module to control and dimmerize LED RGB-RGBW lighting.This is an avant-garde product which is claiming great approval amongst the players of the boating market, both for smaller and mega yachts.
Today Yachtica presents yet another futuristic product: the SPD800 module.
This module comprises an integrated microprocessor for the management of 8 (eight) clean contact inputs, specific for managing directly cabled switch-boards, sensors, and any other clean contact connection.
The new SPD800 allows a simple management of the switch-boards’ inputs, greatly minimizing general and installation costs thanks to the reduction of cabling. The small dimensions of this new product allow it to be installed in the narrowest spaces of the bulkheads.
Yachtica once again, demonstrates its keenness to systematically find the best solutions for the onboard electrical installation, whilst always considering the relevant requirement of containing encumbrance and providing highly reliable products for onboard installations. All this means taking into great consideration all the variables regarding a product, such as: dimension, warranty, efficiency and many more.
Furthermore, Yachtica has updated and simplified the CABOT software used in the programming of its products and systems, as a demonstration that even onboard instruments, so that they may enhance the quality of life onboard, need to be increasingly user-friendly so that using them becomes always more intuitive and pleasing.
The Cabot Software interface has undergone a graphic restyling and a number of new easy-to-use functions which maximise LED management have been added.
This presently translates into simple programming which allows to create and regulate coloured lighting scenarios, varying lighting nuances, great scenic effects and programmed succession of different lighting colours from evanescence to automatic dissolvency and many more functions, which can be managed simultaneously with the management of other lighting sources.

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