22 October 2015

Yachtica Mets 2015 Superyacht Pavilion

X Series, the evolution EasyBUS marine lighting system.
At the next METSTRADE 2015 Yachtica will introduce the X Series, the evolution of the lighting and curtain control system EasyBUS.
The preview of the EasyBUS evolution, the first lighting and curtain control system designed specifically for marine environment, will be hold at the Super Yacht Pavillion.

X Series EasyBUS it’s not only esthetically renewed with it’s black case and a frontal display, but the real evolution consists in different technical features that increase performances and functionality at its best.

Features as: distribuited intelligence; galvanic isolation between power and electronics; control display and setting push buttons; formal coating treatment; high power per output; programming tool; 32bit
microcontroller; override; Cut On & Cut Off; settable dimming table and other.

Those new features are the result of 15 years on board experience, with several system installed and
through strong partnership with yards, electrical companies and system integrators.
In this lapse of time, the EasyBUS system demonstrated an unmatched reliability, flexibility and simplicity, that make it the most common used lighting system in the yachintg industry.

Together with the EasyBUS X Series, will be introduced as preview also the new H/Plate keyboard: with an innovative design the H/Plate offers different layout and finishing, with backlit inter-changeable push buttons for a simple customization.
The range of dimmers has been renewed too, both the pre-programmed scenario and the programmable lighting one.

With all these ranges of totally renewed products, Yachtica once more acts as a company able to offer the most complete and innovative range of solutions for lighting control on board.

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