• Minimalist and stylish design
  • Custom finishes
  • Fine and sturdy materials
  • Backlit buttons


Different models &
layout configurations

Standard 502-503

Backlit Buttons

(Standard Blu LED & White backlit up on request)

& custom finishes

Different custom
buttons shapes

Socket plates

For a full coordination between plates and sockets a specific range is supplied. Furnished with a complete set of components and accessories.

How it works

Made of aluminium and available in configuration up to 4 buttons (standard 502) or 8 buttons (standard 503), the HPlate is characterized by the simplicity of installation: the electronics is integrated into the plate and the bus connectors make wiring to the Yachtica® system very fast; magnetic hooking to the frame further reduces installation time. In addition to the standard line are available colors and special finishes, to meet the most demanding requests. The keys, single or double, with or without icons, are individually removable in order to be replaced at any time: while installing, during the delivery of the plant or later, during possible refits. You can decide how the LED of the buttons is turned on, or plan how the key LEDs work if it is connected by bus to the Yachtica® system. The dry contact version makes them compatible with any other automation system. Coordination with the HPlate Socket ensures a uniform aesthetic result.

Technical data

Power supply for LED


Maximum elettronic requirements



Size HPlate 502 (W x H x D)                           Size HPlate Socket 502 (W x H x D)

80x80x6 mm                                                                                 80x80x6 mm

Size HPlate 503 (W x H x D)                           Size HPlate Socket 503 (W x H x D)

120x80x6 mm                                                                           120x80x6 mm

Size HPlate Socket 504 (W x H x D)

143x80x6 mm


Size square key

12,6×12,6 mm

Size rectangular key

29,1×12,6 mm

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