• Minimalist and stylish design
  • Custom finishes
  • Fine and sturdy materials
  • Backlit buttons


Different models &
layout configurations

Standard 502-503

Backlit Buttons

(Standard Blu LED & White backlit up on request)

& custom finishes

Different custom
buttons shapes

Socket plates

For a full coordination between plates and sockets a specific range is supplied. Furnished with a complete set of components and accessories.

How it works

Available in different layout and standard, up to 4 keys (502) and up to 8 keys (503), the H/Plate® are characterized by the extreme simplicity of installation.
The Plug&Play connectors make the wiring easy with Yachtica® EasyBUS system whereas the dry contacts version allows to operate with any other lighting control system. The magnetic mounting to the wall frame reduces working hours. Available in different standards (502, 503, H/Plate® Socket also 504).

It is possible to select the operating mode of LEDs status on keys and/or programming the backlighting and the functioning of the H/Plate® itself thanks to the integrated electronics and the BUS connection.

Technical data

Power supply for LED


Keypad dimensions up to 4 buttons (WxHxD)

80×80 mm

Keypad dimensions up to 8 buttons (WxHxD)

120x80x6 mm

Button dimensions square

12,6×12,6 mm

Button dimensions rectangular

29,1×12,6 mm