SEAL 250

The range of Yachtica® marine electronic transformers is the first one range in the world specifically designed and manufactured for the marine industry.
The main features: standard voltage both 12V and 24V, formal coating, specific electronic protections, special voltages, small size.
All products are manufactured according to the strictest safety regulations requested by the CE market. Rigorous testing ensure high quality standard and reliability of our products.

The marine electronic transformers 12V/24V, for halogen lamps in comparison to traditional transformers, electronic ones have many advantages among which:

  • High performance, over 95%;
  • Less thermal dissipation, less than 60%;
  • Reduction in weight around 80% and volume 60%;

Possible adjustment with Leading Edge or Trailing Edge dimmers with a complete absence of humming noises. “SOFT START”, limited power when the lamp is turned on to prolong its life.

Marine Dimmable Electronic Transformers (TRAILING EDGE – LEADING EDGE)

  • IP20 independent marine transformer, for halogen lamps 12/24V.
  • Class II protection against electric shock following direct or indirect contact.
  • Complete with terminal cover and cable retainer.
  • Opposite inlet and outlet terminals.
  • Input terminals with loop possibility on feed.
  • Double terminal block on the 230V primary circuit (2,5mmterminal area).
  • Triple terminal block on the secondary circuit (2,5mm2 terminal area).
  • Clamping screws on primary and secondary circuits for cables with diameter: min. 3mm – max. 6mm
  • Max 18mm cable peel-off.
  • The transformer is secured by means of threaded slots.
  • Protected against overheating and shortcircuits.
  • Protected against mains voltage spikes.
  • Protected against overloads.
  • Special power and voltage on request.
Reference norms EN 61347-1; EN 61347-2-2; EN 61000-3-2; EN 55015; EN 61047; EN 60598-1; VDE 0710-T14
Voltage 230 ÷ 240 V
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Power 50 ÷ 250 W

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